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The History of Pots and Pans

"the history of pots and pans"People have been cooking for thousands of years, and have used some type of pots and pans when doing it. The first first pots and pans may have consisted of broken green sticks or spears, but people very soon after started experimenting with a wide variety of materials to make it much easier to cook food.

It is not completely known how women cooked food before the creation of pots and pans. They probably covered their food with clay and leaves to roast it in the fire, which is something like wrapping it in foil wrapping. They would then use the hot stones from the fire to cook their meals. This was before ceramics was created, and people used very creative ways to cook their food. Some people would heat stones in water to help cook their food.

Once ceramics was created, people started making clay pots and pans. They would have to mold the pot or pan and fire it to make it very hard. They would then waterproof and seal the pot or pan using a type of glaze or gum paste. They could then use the pot in pan in fire, but had to be very careful when they did so as it was very fragile.

After the ceramic and pottery pots and pans came the metal pots and pans that are widely used today. This this type of cookware first came out it did not sell very well because it was very expensive. Many people continued using the pottery pots and pans for this reason, and sales of the metal pots and pans rapidly dropped.

During the medieval times, most homes had a cauldron, an earthenware pan and a spit that they used to prepare food. They could hang the cauldron in the fire to cook their food. They used the spit to help roast animals that they killed.

During Colonial times, blacksmiths started making pots and pans made out of cast iron, and included pot hooks and trivets so the cookware could easily sit in the fire. Many fireplaces in homes also had an oven on the side that people would use to bake breads and other foods. During this time, many kitchens had much more refined pots and pans made from brass or copper.

People continued making pots and pans through the years, and today they are much more sturdy. Many pots and pans today are made from copper and stainless steel.

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