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Heston Blumenthal Creates First Ever Christmas Tasting Menu At The Fat Duck | DSM-Food
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Heston Blumenthal Creates First Ever Christmas Tasting Menu At The Fat Duck

"heston blumenthal christmas"Christmas food for many people may be all about the traditional turkey dinner complete with potatoes, vegetables and too much Christmas pudding but chef Heston Blumenthal has created a new alternative tasting menu to be served at his restaurant The Fat Duck.

Known for his molecular gastronomy Heston Blumenthal will be serving up a 12 course tasting menu for Christmas at a cost of £300 per person, excluding alcohol.

Diners wanting to sample some of the ingenious creations from Heston Blumenthal will need to book early for a space at The Fat Duck in West Berkshire as many people are expected to flock to the three Michelin star restaurant to taste the festive menu.

The Fat Duck has already gained a reputation for its ingenious tasting menu that usually costs £195 per person and includes treats such as red cabbage gazpacho, salmon poached in liquorice gel and snail porridge.

The Christmas menu at The Fat Duck will include new festive dishes including savoury lollie, edible pork scotch egg baubles and a Christmas tree.

There is also edible snow on the menu, egg and bacon ice cream and a dish called Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh which involves dropping a gold bar into broth according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Heston Blumenthal told the MailOnline: “The man-power involved in making the Christmas menu is phenomenal.  It’s a lot of work.  If you started from scratch, the time it would take one person to make one menu would be about 10 days.  It’s crazy.  Luckily we have a whole team doing it!”

He added that Christmas brought out the big kid in himself: “I’m basically a big kid.  I’m not a scientist – I failed O-Level – I’m just a bloke who likes how things work and I think Christmas brings out the kids in all of us – that excitement and the smells and the memories.

“We’ve had a lot of fun making edible Christmas decorations like gold and silver and red baubles that hang on a tree, edible tinsel, edible snow…we’re still working on the edible fairy lights.

“The idea is that each table gets a little tree at the beginning of the meal to pick at.  Like a selection of canapes.  And it looks great.  So realistic.

“The baubles are coated in coloured jelly, so there is a Scotch egg one coated in red pepper and cardamom jelly, and one covered in edible glitter.  Another one is blown sugar.  Another is prawn cocktail.

“My favourite thing on the menu is the Botryis Cinerea, a bunch of balls that look like grapes, developed using the flavour molecules in Sauterne wine, but each one tastes completely different.”

It may not be your typical Christmas menu but it would certainly be a memorable this year with the Heston Blumenthal menu!

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