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Pulled Pork Recipe

"pulled pork"

Everyone needs a good Pulled Pork Recipe for their kitchen. If you have never had pulled pork, then you are really missing out. Take a look at the ingredients below and take note of all that goes into a pork roast, but it’s one of the most amazing things you will ever eat. Most of these ingredients you probably already have sitting in your kitchen. The herbs and spices are very delectable and totally worth all of the work.

When we make the pulled pork we always soak it over night so that it has that amazing moist flavour.

I also love making our Pulled Pork because it is very easy to do and the hardest part is getting your ingredients ready as everything else is so quick and straight forward.

Plus once you have sourced the ingredients because you don’t use them that much with other dishes they will last forever.


The Rub:

1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Pepper
2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Chili
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Mustard
1 tsp Brown Sugar

1 Pork Sachet
1 tsp Mixed Herbs

The Soak:

3 tsp Salt
3 Bay Leaves
3 tsp Rub

2 tsp Bown sugar
3 tsp Dry Garlic
3 tsp Dry Onion

2 Fresh Onions

1 Bulb Garlic
Water to cover meat
Shoulder of pork
1tsp Olive Oil


"best crock pot pulled pork recipes"Place all the ingredients for the “rub” part of the pork into a bowl and mix it together. For the pork sachet we find that the pork mixes that you get at the supermarket are great and really does add to the flavour of the pork rub.

Then at the same time into a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients that make up in the soak. This will save you a lot of time as a lot of the ingredients are similar and then you can measure them out at the same time.

When you have done measuring out your ingredients you need to add your pork shoulder to the large bowl and rub the ingredients around it so that they are massaged into the meat.

Then add enough water into the bowl so that it covers the meat. You then need to add cling film and place the bowl in the fridge overnight.

I used to always leave my rub ingredients out on the side, though when my cat decided pulled pork was just his flavour they have since made their way into the cupboard!

In the morning, get the pork out of the fridge and remove all the water and pat it down so that it is damp not wet.

In the meantime turn on your slow cooker on high, add a little olive oil and place the pork in the slow cooker.

You then want to fill it with the fresh garlic and the onions. The idea here is that you get a lot of flavour from the skin of the garlic and the onion so just chop the onions into quarters (but don’t peel) and place them around the side of the pork. Then with the garlic separate the bulbs and place it around the meat.

"pulled pork crockpot recipes"Then cook it in your slow cooker for about 4-5 hours depending on how big your shoulder is. I have found that if you then leave it out for an hour to cool it will cook a little more and the taste will be even better.

Then once it is done you can just pull it apart with your fingers as the idea behind pulled pork is that it will come apart so easily you won’t need a knife to chop it with!

This is very much the Mediterranean version of Pulled Pork so as you can see there is no BBQ sauce in sight. It is a much healthier version though if you feel the need you can always add BBQ sauce at the end of the recipe.

We however prefer to serve it in wraps with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise and it tastes amazing especially if you add some chips.



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